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Stainless Steel Case Chart Recorder


Stainless Steel Case Chart Recorder


Product Specifications

  • CR100 - RPX Pressure Recorder
  • CR100 - RTC Temperature Recorder
  • 3 Pen Recording
  • Pressure and temperature in any combination
  • Pressures from 0 to +1600 bar
  • Temperatures from -200˚C to +800˚C
  • Three systems available, mains powered, battery, mechanical spring wound
  • Surface, flush mounting or portable design
  • Chart ø163 / 6" (192 x 192mm case), IP45, 3.1kg
  • Chart ø223 / 9" (280 x 280mm Case), IP65, 6.4kg
  • Chart ø300 / 12" (463 x 335mm case), IP65, 10.6kg

Chart Recorders are the industry standard for accurate, reliable measurement and recording of pressure and temperature or a combination of those (max. 3-pens) in a wide variety of applications.

These stainless steel chart recorders have been designed for surface, flush and portable mounting.
Battery                     Mains                  Mechanical