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Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)

The Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 97/23/EC requires pressure equipment destined for Europe to have a CE mark and meet all aspects of the directive. The PED is a directive that applies to the design, manufacture, and conformity assessment of pressure equipment and pressure assemblies. 
CE mark 
Pressure gauges under 200 bar
Pressure gauges for use on gases 200 bar and below will be classed as Sound Engineering Practice (SEP) and will therefore not carry the CE mark. Units can be supplied with a Certificate of Conformity stating the instruments are manufactured according to (SEP).
Pressure gauges above 200 bar
Pressure gauges for use on gases above 200 bar will carry the CE mark and can be supplied with the relevant certification. For use on liquids the requirement is above 500 bar. 
Pressure gauges with Diaphragm seals
Pressure gauges supplied with diaphragm seals do not fall under PED and do not need to carry the CE mark. 
Pressure switches
All pressure switches are manufactured according to PED directive in cat.III, with release of relative conformity declaration. The PED directive is not applicable to the temperature switches since these instruments are not pressure apparatus
A Thermowell cannot be CE marked under the PED. Rather, it is considered to be a component part of pressure equipment or safety equipment. The material certificates, hydrostatic testing report and supporting technical documents should be forwarded with the product to the end user for incorporation into the pressure equipment that will be CE marked according to PED.