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Hygienic (Sanitary) Pressure Gauges

PCI manufacture a wide selection of diaphragm seal pressure gauges suitable for hygienic (sanitary) applications. Available with DIN, SMS, IDF, RJT, Varivent and Tri-Clamp connections. These are used in the Pharmaceutical, Dairy, Food and Beverage industries.
Hygienic Gauge Overview:
Manufactured using European sourced stainless steel.
FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved fill fluids.
Designed to prevent accuracy errors caused by high or fluctuating  temperatures.
Helium leak tested to ensure the integrity of the diaphragm.
Diaphragm surface finish Ra <0.4μm for high cleanability in CIP  processes.
Available with a full selection of certificates including Test, 3.1      Material, Conformity, PED, ATEX, Surface Finish
Custom dial designs, which can include your company’s logo.
Quick deliveries available (under 1 week).
Manufactured to the highest standard in Britain.