For the marine market we have a range of self-powered tank contents gauges, which have been designed for many onboard applications and against liquids such as Heavy Fuel Oil, Diesel and Lub Oils to potable, bilge and seawater. The dial indicators are of Stainless Steel construction and are weatherproof, as with all marine-type gauges they are fully overload protected. Calibration can be completed in any unit of mass, volume or height with dual scales an option.
At the time of manufacture, the gauge capillary will be fitted with bulkhead glands at pre-determined points. Once the capillary has been passed through and the coupling and gland have been aligned, it can be secured in place using the nut and compression washers of the bulkhead coupling. The bulkhead will then retain its gas and watertight integrity. If required this system can be fitted into several bulkheads.