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ATEX and GOST R Approvals

This is available for temperature gauges, bourdon tube pressure gauges, capsule gauges, differential pressure gauges, pressure switches, RTD’s, and thermocouples. 
 Ex mark and CE mark

General information about ATEX Approval (From the french, ATmospheres EXplosibles)

An ATEX Approval Certificate is needed to demonstrate that equipment can be safely operated in a potentially explosive atmosphere created by the presence of flammable gas, vapour, mist or clouds of combustible dust. The basis of ATEX certification is the European Directive 94/9/EC.
The ATEX Certificate, officially known as “EC Type Examination Certificate”, is issued following the examination of the equipment Technical File and testing, according to the relevant standards that are applicable for each specific type of explosion protection applied to the equipment, such as flameproof or dust proof containers, intrinsically safe electrical devices, etc. ATEX certified equipment will carry the Ex mark but will also carry the CE mark as such equipment must also comply with the CE Marking Directive.

General information about GOST R

For any kind of goods, which are imported from other countries or produced in Russia, are the subject of certification according to the Russian Legislation.

GOST R applies (among others) to:

• Electrical Equipment
• Mechanical & Electromechanical Equipment
• Industrial Equipment, machinery
• Construction Materials
• Oil & Gas Industry

Wholesalers and resellers are obliged to submit these certificates when they are asked by their clients and governmental inspectors. This is why it is necessary to have these certificates for commercial bodies. Pattern Approval Certificate for Measuring Instruments (also known as: Russian metrology certificate, Measuring Instruments Certificate, Certificate for instrumentation) – is a document issued by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology confirming that the present type of measuring tools is approved as per the procedure, provided by the applicable legislation and corresponds to the applicable regulations.
The pattern approval certificate for measuring instruments confirms that the present measuring instrument has successfully passed technical and metrological tests and was permitted for application in the Russian Federation.
On February 15, 2013 the national Russian certification system GOST R and national Russian technical regulation “On Safety of Machinery Equipment” (Russian government order N 753 of September 15, 2009) were withdrawn.
Simultaneously, the new Customs Union Technical Regulation (CU TR) for most electrical products was enforced in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.
Earlier issued GOST R certificates will be valid until March 15, 2015. After that, the new EAC mark must be used.